About us

Having quietly but steadily built-up a portfolio of successfully designed and executed projects of a wide and diverse nature we can now call upon our current and potential clients to trust our experience and commitment for quality.

Our team
Consists of architects, civil engineers, interior designers and administrative staff. We also collaborate with a range of external consultants such as electrical and mechanical engineers, surveyors, interior designers, graphic designers and illustrators.

Our understanding
A successful creation comes about only through an atmosphere of collaboration and common purpose between us, the client, the users, the consultants and the builders.

Our philosophy

Is based on good understanding of the specifics of each project and the balance between the human and technical factors involved.

Our commitment

To utilize our skills, experience, expertise and imagination to provide elegant and pragmatic architectural solutions within a budget.

Demetris Michael

George Georgiou

Gianna Michael

Stella Nicolaou

Constantina Kazamia

Vasia Konnari

Michalis Michail

Antreas Tafounas       


Kyriakos Theodorou

Dimitris Skouroumounis

Chistiana Pichidi

 Katerina Nikoletti      

Marios Stylianou

Antria Antreou    


Elisavet Charalambous

 Victoria Kounnoushi

 Symeon Symeou   

Katerina Zalisti    

Maria Christophorou

Evagoras Evagorou